Isala wants to break the taboo around vaginal health. That’s why all our research kits contain great conversation starters  (also online available). Use these cards as inspiration for interesting chats with friends and family, and find out how much there is to say about vaginal health.

You can also start a conversation online by clicking on a question and adding your response. You can do it anonymously – your first name is fine. The Isala researchers will answer your question. This way, we can increase knowledge about the female microbiome and break the taboo together. That’s our dream at Isala. Feel free to add comments and ask questions – let’s start the conversation together! 

Isala newsflash: different factors have an impact on your vaginal microbiome  

In the past year, the Isala team has continued to work hard, so it is about time for an update! A few months after the first research phase (or our big summer campaign), the second research phase of Isala in Belgium followed. We found more and more evidence that the vaginal microbiome can be dynamic. To investigate this further, we invited 275 Belgian women to participate in this second research phase. Also in Peru, we have launched a sisterhood project with so far already more than 200 women who have donated samples. 

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Bloody Hell – It’s Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022!!

It’s that period of the year again – pun intended.

May 28th, we celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day just like we do every year. This day was created to bring different actions and voices together and to put good menstrual health and hygiene in the spotlight. There is still far too little knowledge about this subject. For example, a study in the United States showed that only 21% of young people in elementary school had learned about puberty and the biological ‘changes’. As a consequence, most girls didn’t really know anything about menstruation when they first got their period?! In any case, I would get a good scare and immediately think that something is seriously wrong!

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The first steps towards ‘living’ Isala drugs

Did you know that current vaginal probiotics often do not even contain bacteria that come from the vagina? How odd? That’s why we needed you. Yes, our research didn’t stop with mapping your vaginal microbiomes from the blue swabs. We also want to work on new ‘living’ medicines with good vaginal lactobacilli, to help women who have less of the good ones. That is exactly why we asked you to also send us a pink swab. 

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Orange The World: stop violence against women now!

Today we reflect on the fact that almost 1 in 3 women has been a victim of abuse in her life. It is the ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women’. We also start today with 16 days of activism, concluding on December 10th, 2021 – the day on which the International Day of Human Rights is commemorated. All over the world, iconic buildings and venues turn orange to advocate for a nonviolent future. Be sure to look out for these orange lights and remember the meaning!

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Starting the sisterhood on vaginal health: now in Peru

Almost a year ago, I wrote a blog about vaginal microbiomes and ethnicity. As a Isala team member, born and raised in Peru, I am now super excited that, thanks to the global minds starting grant, we could now extend Isala to Perú, where “Isala” becomes “Laura”, named after Esther Rodriguez Dulanto (1872-1919), the first female physician in Perú.

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