Isala wants to break the taboo around vaginal health. That’s why all our research kits contain great conversation starters  (also online available). Use these cards as inspiration for interesting chats with friends and family, and find out how much there is to say about vaginal health.

You can also start a conversation online by clicking on a question and adding your response. You can do it anonymously – your first name is fine. The Isala researchers will answer your question. This way, we can increase knowledge about the female microbiome and break the taboo together. That’s our dream at Isala. Feel free to add comments and ask questions – let’s start the conversation together! 

Our very first Isala event is almost here!

Big news! The very first Isala event is approaching! During this event, many well-known experts will give a scientific lecture on a saga of topics related to vaginal health. The Isala symposium (in English) will take place on Tuesday January 24th 2023 between 1 and 8:30 PM at ‘Campus Drie Eiken’ of the University of Antwerp. Hopefully you already registered (whether or not online) to have a great time with us. 😊

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A volcano in my tummy

During a summer night in Morocco, I could not sleep at night due to stabbing cramps in my lower abdomen. To not wake up the rest of my family, I took the stairs to the bathroom in silence. I had back pain, heavy back pain, like I was carrying cement bags on my back. The cramps did not make it any easier. I was barely able to make it to the bathroom. There, my vision became blurry. I remember it like it was yesterday. I saw black spots dancing in front of me, sweat was dripping off me and I struggled to stand straight. I held on to the door handle and quietly collapsed. While sitting on the floor, I tapped my foot against the floor to shift the focus of my thoughts and forget the pain of my terrible cramps. After a few minutes, I dragged myself back to my room, laid down in foetal position and whispered a prayer several times until I fell asleep.

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Science Day 2022: Playful learning with bacteria at this big celebration!

On the last Sunday of November, our lab was represented at ‘Science Day’. Over 30,000 visitors, large and small, were welcomed at various locations, such as universities, museums and companies. The University of Antwerp also opened the doors of her city campus for a major science festival. Of course, we were delighted to attend. There was certainly no lack of enthusiasm! 😊

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Get to know ‘Isala in Vitaminland’

How can the vaginal microbiome be linked to vitamins? Currently, the Isala team is immersed in the wonderful world of vitamin B2 thanks to Limosilactobacillus reuteri AMBV339. You probably got to know this vaginal bacterium in our previous blog. By now, we give you the unique opportunity to keep on following us on a fascinating vitamin journey! 😊

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