Do you have an embarrassing or funny story about your vagina?


As the Isala team, besides conducting groundbreaking research with exciting experiments in our microbiological lab. We also like to have a lot of fun, especially because if you have been preparing for months to receive almost 6,000 vaginal samples, you should be able to laugh.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted”

Charlie Chaplin

Below our top 5 funny stories about vaginas. Do you complete our list? This way, we can discuss the topic together and break the taboo. 

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Isala wants to break the taboo around vaginal health. That’s why all our research kits contain great conversation starters  (also online available). Use these cards as inspiration for interesting chats with friends and family, and find out how much there is to say about vaginal health.

You can also start a conversation online by clicking on a question and adding your response. You can do it anonymously – your first name is fine. The Isala researchers will answer your question. This way, we can increase knowledge about the female microbiome and break the taboo together. That’s our dream at Isala. Feel free to add comments and ask questions – let’s start the conversation together!